Spark and Hustle is #TeamHouston

Tory Johnson's Spark and Hustle tour stopped in H-Town.  I was ecstatic that my city was one of the stops for this small business conference.  Why, you ask?  It seems that Houston is not credited for its booming small business and entrepreneur community.   The fact is Houston is known as a leader within the oil and gas industry. But it also has a large entrepreneurial climate as well.

Anyone who has attended Spark and Hustle can sense Tory Johnson's spark, drive and passion for women business owners.  It is embedded in each of the sessions.  Johnson brought together women who have hustled and achieved excellence to speak on key business cornerstones.  Below is a full social media re-cap for your enjoyment.

Next year I hope to say I'm one of the speakers *clears throat* Hint, Hint!!!

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